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Yearbook Staff

Roles & Responsibilities



My job as adviser of the Meridian Moments Yearbook is to carefully choose the best editor-in-chief then equip them to lead their staff.

I will:

  • Take you to camp to begin brainstorming the next book.
  • Provide materials needed for staff members to do their jobs.
  • Be fiscally responsible.
  • Be your biggest cheerleader and defender.
  • Meet with you on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30, one Saturday each month from 8-12, and additional days as needed if deadlines are not met.
  • Take you to workshops and conferences if you’re meeting your deadlines.
  • Meet with you often to evaluate your work and allow you to make necessary changes.
  • Help guide you in the areas of journalistic law and ethics, fair and responsible reporting, accurate reporting, and editing.
  • Communicate with the publisher/yearbook representative in conjunction with the editor-in-chief and/or the marketing manager (depending on the situation).

I will not:

  • Make decisions for you.
  • Complete spreads because staff didn’t get them done.
  • Tolerate negativity towards each other.
  • Gossip.
  • Allow excessive absences or late work.
  • Accept applications of those who have multiple discipline reports.
  • Accept applications of those who have low grades due to missing work/quality of work.
  • Allow students to remain on staff if they have discipline/grade issues.



The student ultimately responsible for overall development and content of the book. Among the duties:

  • Recruits staff and assigns jobs with adviser
  • Sets and enforces a production schedule
  • Trains staff on Online Design
  • Decides theme, design and coverage with adviser and other staff members (usually at camp)
  • Plans ladder with adviser and staff members
  • Creates the style guide for design consistency
  • Organizes computer folders for templates
  • Delegates staff assignments
  • Edits every page and proof
  • Leads staff meetings
  • Trains and coaches staff
  • Reports to adviser


Marketing Head

The leader of the book finances and ad sales campaigns.

  • Balances the budget
  • Provides a monthly report of income and expenses
  • Organizes additional fundraising efforts if necessary
  • Prepares billing statements
  • Writes receipts
  • Makes monthly deposits into the yearbook account
  • Reports to editor-in-chief and adviser
  • Leads efforts to sell more books than the previous year


Copy Editor

The proofreader of all copy before pages are due, checking for style and accuracy. Among the duties:

  • Provides constructive feedback to improve writers’ work
  • Establishes copywriting styles with editor-in-chief
  • Compares copy on all pages to prevent repetitiveness
  • Suggests coverage ideas to designers and photographers
  • Reports to editor-in-chief


Staff Member

Each staff member is master of their own spreads. This means they’re responsible for every aspect from beginning to end.

  • Cover assigned event before, during or after school
  • Talks to teachers/sponsors about coverage for the year
  • Knows when events are taking place and plans for photos, interviews and secondary coverage PRIOR to the event
  • Shoot assigned event before, during or after school
  • Immediately adds and tags these photos on Walsworth
  • Write appropriate captions and body copy
  • Reports to editor-in-chief
  • Works to sell both yearbook ads and books throughout the year
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