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  1. I think taking notes is a big thing I need to work on. I also did not think about giving them time to think, I normally just pass it if they do not answer quickly.

  2. I now know how to interview someone properly.

  3. Learning to ask your questions in the heat of the moment will be really beneficial.

  4. I learned to ask how and why rather than closed-ended questions. Wait for answers. Get there early, leave late. Also I had the idea to ask people before homecoming how long they expect to get ready and how long it actually took them.

  5. Teamwork is the dream work.

  6. My big idea was that I think that I learned a lot from watching and listening to other people’s mock interviews.

  7. I’m especially glad that we talked about and went through interviewing today because I’ve never interviewed someone before for anything. I learned a lot about the right questions to ask, how to approach people, and how to get the information that I need for my spreads. The role-playing also helped a lot. It helps that we go through the pictures we take and point out the pros and cons of each one.

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